Definitions for "Hung"
Keywords:  jockey, horse, tired, winner, advance
failure of a horse to advance when called on for more run by his jockey.
A horse holding the same position, unable to make up distance on the winner.
a horse tiring, but holding position.
Keywords:  imp, hang
imp. & p. p. of Hang.
If a computer (or sometimes just a program) gets completely stuck and refuses to do anything, it has hung. See also lockup.
Keywords:  mantras, essence, syllable, seed
A seed or essence syllable often used in Mantras.
(usually followed by `with' or used in a combining form) having items suspended on or from a support; "walls hung with valuable paintings"; "a vine-hung trellis"
A condition in which the system is frozen and unresponsive to commands.
Keywords:  adj, responding, requests
adj. Not responding to requests.
Keywords:  penis, large, phrase, slang, well
Having a large penis, often used in the phrase "well hung".
Slang term for having a large penis.
Refers to a man with a large penis.