Definitions for "Jockey "
Keywords:  racehorse, rider, horse, ride, race
A professional rider of horses in races.
A dealer in horses; a horse trader.
" To jostle by riding against one."
Keywords:  cheat, trick, sharp, trade, impose
A cheat; one given to sharp practice in trade.
To play the jockey toward; to cheat; to trick; to impose upon in trade; as, to jockey a customer.
To play or act the jockey; to cheat.
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A network in the south-east*Francis Cammaerts - organiser*Pierre Reynaud - sabotage instructor*Christine Granville - courier*Cecily Lefort
To maneuver; to move in an intricate manner so as to avoid obstacles; as, to jockey a large cabinet up a winding staircase.
To maneuver oneself aggressivley or skillfully so as to achieve an advantage; as, he jockeyed himself into position to be noticed.
compete (for an advantage or a position)
Jockey is a user-space library for recording and replaying an execution of generic x86 GNU/Linux programs. It is a debugging aid, especially for long-running networked programs that exhibit non-deterministic behavior that's usually difficult to reproduce.
defeat someone in an expectation through trickery or deceit
Keywords:  apparatus, truck, disc, vehicle, he
an operator of some vehicle or machine or apparatus; "he's a truck jockey"; "a computer jockey"; "a disc jockey"