Definitions for "Disc"
A flat round plate
A circular structure either in plants or animals; as, a blood disc, a germinal disc, etc. Same as Disk.
a circular enlargement of the receptacle ( q.v.)
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A compact disc, or CD. Note the spelling.
See compact disc.
With a 'c' refers to CD, DVD, MiniDiscs and Laserdiscs.
The flat central part of a compound flower. It is made up of short, tubular florets.
the flower's center, around which the petalled florets are arranged.
The central surface of any structure.
Domestic International Sales Corporation. A U.S. corporation that receives a tax incentive for export activities.
Document Imaging Systems Corporation
a domestic corporation which is not itself taxable while a FSC must be created or organized under the laws of a jurisdiction which is outside of the United States (including certain U
An automotive style disc brake. A disc mounts to the hub, and the brake pads grip the disc (instead of the wheel rim). Disc brakes come in mechanical (cable actuated) and hydraulic (brake fluid or mineral oil in small brakelines).
In brakes, the rotor, the part which revolves, and against which brake linings are pressed during braking.
The disc is one of the more important parts in a car’s braking system.
Round, flat physical medium that contains game data, also known as a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
Of Valsa and related fungi: a more or less flat apical part of a stroma that protrudes above the bark surface; also, of Discomycetes: the exposed fertile portion of an apothecium. ( 21)
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discontinued; no longer in production FAF - Family Arabian Foal mold (Julian)
Defense Industrial Supply Center--An organization in the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency.
a two dimensional object which is basically a filled-in circle. You can also create discs with holes in the center. ( Language Reference) Eggplant: a vegetable (well, fruit technically) which insures that have something in the "E" category of this glossary. See kumquat. Filter: an aspect of a color which defines how much light it transmits. ( Tutorial) ( Language Reference)
Defense Industrial Supply Center (S9I)
Death-Inducing Signalling Complex This is a complex that includes death receptor ligands, death receptors and adaptor proteins such as FADD.
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A part (Norstan makes) that has no shank and is primarily used to be welded, brazed to a backing.
Distribution CostAdvantage Documents againstacceptance
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See Tumbler.
DISC is the part of BSI -- British Standards Institution -- responsible for standardization in Information and Communications Technologies - ICT
One of the cylindrical weights that are loaded onto the barbell. Discs come in eight weights and are color coded: 25 kilograms (red); 20 kg (blue); 15 kg (yellow); 10 kg (green); 5 kg (white); 2.5 kg (black); 1.25 kg (chrome); 0.5 kg (chrome); 0.25 kg (chrome).
A disc is a component of disc galaxies, such as spiral galaxies, or lenticular galaxies.
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the tissue in the bud or fruit between the staminophore and the top of the ovary
sound recording consisting of a disc with continuous grooves; formerly used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracked in the grooves
A thermistor configuration in the shape of a pill.
Disc shaped portion of suspension insulator
Membranous region of the forewing beyond the basal cell. [drawing
a great choice for anyone who has never set up a home theater before, but would like to learn and eventually perform more in-depth calibrations without hiring a technician
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre.
Digital International Switching Centre.
Abbreviation for discount as above.
Abbreviated term for discrimination. Discrimination allows the detector to selectively reject certain metal objects or junk.
An abbreviation for discount.
Direct Injection Stratified Charge.
Division of Information Systems & Communications, Dept. of Administration
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The ON - OFF disc indicates what point the shooter must throw to make the point roll.
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The movable seating surface in a valve.( 055)
Diversity Incorporating Safer Communities
Delivering Information Solutions to Customers
Delivering Information Systems to Customers
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See template.
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a cross section of a cylinder
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A farm implement for working the soil.
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Well, you can't do a lot without having one of those.
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A circle together with its interior.
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a sensitive thing
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Disconnect Switch
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Discharge of lien Discontinued operations
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The term used for sound and video recordings in disc form.
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See Discrimination.