Definitions for "Platter"
Keywords:  spindle, disk, rigid, magnetic, drive
A single piece of magnetic or magnetic/optical media on which data is stored. Multiple platters make up a disk. See also cylinder, track.
One of several disks that make up the hard disk.
The actual disk inside a hard-disk drive; it carries the magnetic recording material. All but the thinnest disk drives have multiple platters, most of which have two sides that can be used for data storage. (On multiple-platter drives, one side of each platter is usually reserved for storing control information.)
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A large plate or shallow dish on which meat or other food is brought to the table.
A large oval plate used as a serving piece for food items (the round platter is referred to as a Chop Plate).
a large shallow dish used for serving food
Platter is a solo album released in 2002 by TISM bassist Jock Cheese. Interestingly, he uses his TISM pseudonym for the release of this album. It is also known as Cheese Platter due to some people reading the artist and album names together.
a godsend for grade school teachers forced by some citywide mandate to hold Halloween parties for their classes next Friday afternoon, but for everyone else in the world, there's cooler junk to piss your money away on
sound recording consisting of a disc with continuous grooves; formerly used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracked in the grooves
The circular rotating plate which supports the record.
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One who plats or braids.