Definitions for "Hard disk"
Keywords:  platter, floppy, rigid, disk, gigabyte
(or hard drive or fixed disk) - A permanent disk within most computers (certainly all PCs and Macs) where software and/or your documents may be stored.
A storage medium for digital data which can hold more information and access it faster than a floppy disk.
see ' Disk'
a terrible thing to waste, so be sure to remove all unneeded demo software, infrequently used programs, online service sign-up kits, etc
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Herc hub
a block device, whereas a terminal is a character device
a mechanical device and very slow when compared to the CPU and RAM
a mechanical device, but memory is on computer chips, and information can be accessed from anywhere on the chip almost instantly
a fundamentally stupid thing to put in something that moves around all the time
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a safer resting
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Hard knee
a combination of mechanical and electronic components and is very sensitive
hardware hardwired