Definitions for "Floppy disk"
A floppy disk coated with a magnetic storage medium that allows the data to be stored in series of concentric tracks. Floppy disks are commonly found in two sizes 5.25" and 3.5".
A form of portable data storage - an electronic briefcase. The standard floppy disk is now the hard cased 3.5" disk which is neither floppy nor disk-shaped (until you crack it open). Previously, there was the 5" floppy that was cased in paper. Floppies most often fit into the A: or B: drive in the front of your computer. (The C: drive is the internal hard disk and the D: drive is now commonly the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive). There are two drive letters allocated to the floppy because for a while computers had drives for both the 5" (A:) and the 3.5" (B:) disks before the latter became standard.
storage: A round piece of plastic with magnetic stuff in it where you store information you want to keep around after you turn the computer off. Standard Mac floppy disks have a hard plastic cover with a sliding metal door (for use by the computer--not you), these are also called 3.5" floppies to distinguish them from 5.25" floppies used by the old Apple II series and IBM-type computers. Regular Mac floppies can hold 800 kilobytes (the original standard was 400 kilobytes). The FDHD, or SuperDrive, floppy drive in Macs made since the later SE's can handle the older Mac disks and newer ones that hold 1.44 megabytes and can even read 3.5" DOS disks.
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A disc in which you save your work. It can be transferred easily from a computer to other to be able to reach the saved information of any computer provided they have the same software. Guárdese always of the possibility of transferring virus when moving discs between diverse computers. See inspectors of the virus.
1.4mb disc.
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a video or an essential tool
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See: Media Types
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