Definitions for "Types"
The selection includes exterior entrance doors, interior passage doors, French or casement doors, bi-fold doors, side lights, patio sliding and swinging doors, thermal insulated-glass doors, louver do ors, screen doors, and specialty door products. Several selected types are illustrated here.
The designation used for bulbs is that of a letter or letters to indicate the shape, and then a number to show the size. In the United States, flashlight, halogen & LED light bulbs are measured in eighths of an inch around their maximum diameter.
(diamond type I,II) Diamonds are split up acccording to their varying atomic structures.
dogs and cats have a blood type, as do humans, however they are different in their classification – there are three different “types” for each species. See donor types.
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Java types include primitive types and reference types. Types are a bit more general than classes; while every class is a types, types also include interfaces.