Definitions for "Primitive"
Of or pertaining to the beginning or origin, or to early times; original; primordial; primeval; first; as, primitive innocence; the primitive church.
At a very early stage of development.
In biological terms, a term relating to a trait which has manifested itself in the early stages of the evolution of a species.
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(1) (n.) Basic computer instruction at the machine level.(2) (n.) In computer graphics, a fundamental shape or object used primarily in the construction of more complex objects. Graphics primitives include point, line segment, polyline, circle, ellipse, triangle, square, and rectangle.
One of the standard, unaltered BSP shapes that can be created with the tools on the left side of the editor (i.e. cube, curved stair, cylinder, cone, sheet, etc.). For more information on Primitives, see the UnrealEdInterface document.
A basic geometric shape: plane, cone, torus, cube, and sphere are examples.
a type of art characterized by flat and somewhat unrealistic forms which reflect the artist's lack of formal training; e.g., the painting of a cat by an anonymous artist. The term "naive" is often used in the same context.
of or created by one without formal training; simple or naive in style; "primitive art such as that by Grandma Moses is often colorful and striking"
The style of works of self-trained artists who develop their talents in a fanciful and fresh manner.
in studies of the solar system, an object or rock that has remained chemically unchanged since it formed (solidified) about 4.6 billion years ago. The object holds a record of the very early conditions from which the rest of the solar system (Sun, planets, moons) formed.
A definition used in the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) to characterize an area that is essentially an unmodified natural environment of large size. Interaction between users is very low and evidence of other users is minimal. The area is managed to be essentially free from evidence of human-induced restrictions and controls. Motorized use within the area is not permitted.
Used in a chemical sense, indicating an unmodified material representative of the original composition of the solar nebula.
A data type that is part of the JScript language and manipulated by value. The data types in JScript considered to be primitive are number, Boolean, string, and function. Objects and arrays are not primitive data types.
a variable into which you can save an information of one of eight pre-defined types directly, whereas an object is held in a variable which is a reference to (a pointer or a memory address under the hood) of a piece or a number of pieces of information
(n or adj.) A term used primarily to describe the fundamental geometric forms used for building 3-D CAD models. Primitives are typically defined parametrically or with single-sweep operations. Primitives are used as tool solids in Boolean operations.
Primitive, a song written and performed by singer Cyndi Lauper, appeared on her third album A Night to Remember(1989). Lyrically it describes the physical reaction the body has to sexual tension or physical attraction to someone: "My heart starts pounding like a fist/I see you there and I just can't resist/You make me tremble like a jellyfish".
Primitive is the second LP by metal band Soulfly released in 2000 (2000 in music) through Roadrunner Records. The album was met with a split reaction, and Cavalera found himself the object of criticism from factions of his fanbase. The heavy amount of guest appearances and preference towards nu-metal lyrics were the main complaints, but Cavalera maintained his pride in his work and kept going, hitting the road and touring behind the album.
Context A term in programming. Definition primitive is an action which you, as a programmer, is allowed to take without writing a whole lot of code. Examples For example, Prolog+CG has a number of built-in predicates, such as: eq eqv not fail As another example, if you have the following two lines of code: ancestor(A,D) :- father(A,D). ancestor(A,D) :- father(F,D), ancestor(A,F). then you have the primitive called ancestor/2. This is because you now have an easy way of finding out whether an entity is an ancestor of another entity. You don't need to write a lot to find out, and therefore it is a primitive.
In biological terms, this usually refers to a characteristic in a species that has been in the lineage of that species for a long time; for example, humans now wear clothes and so there is no need for our arms and legs to be hairy in order to keep us warm. The fact that we still grow hair on our bodies is because it is a primitive character that we have inherited from our far distant ancestors and share with all of their descendants (such as monkeys and apes). Primitive characters in a species can be used by taxonomists to try and work out their relationship with other species.
Describes a character state that is present in the common ancestor of a clade. A primitive character state is inferred to be the original condition of that character within the clade under consideration. For example, "presence of hair" is a primitive character state for all mammals, whereas the "hairlessness" of whales is a derived state for one subclade within the Mammalia.
An outmoded term designating people in traditional, pre-industrial societies who still subscribe to an animistic view of the world and exercise magic and ritual and myth to express their fundamental relation to it. Evolutionists such as James Frazer believed that by studying "the savage mind" of these "primitives," the anthropologist could better understand the earlier stages in the development of the "civilized" mind, which for Frazer meant the collective mind of Western Europe. Partly due to Frazer's extraordinary influence, and partly due to post-WWI disillusionment, a nostalgic idealization of "primitivism" became a primary feature of much modernist art, as can be readily seen in the poetry of T.S. Eliot ( The Waste Land and "The Hollow Men"), the fiction of D.H. Lawrence ("The Fox," "St. Mawr," and The Plumed Serpent), the music of Igor Stravinsky ( The Rite of Spring), and the painting and sculpture of Pablo Picasso, among many other examples.
used of preliterate or tribal or nonindustrial societies; "primitive societies"
Original; primary; radical; not derived; as, primitive verb in grammar.
An original or primary word; a word not derived from another; -- opposed to derivative.
Primitivity has two meanings, a primary meaning and a derived meaning used only in non-prime Galois fields: A primitive element in a group is an element whose powers exhaust the entire group. Thus 3 is primitive in the group of units mod 7 as 1=36, 2=32, 3=31, 4=34, 5=35, and 6=33, but 2 is not primitive in this group as there is no exponent such that 3=2 (mod 7). More commonly we say that 3 is primitive mod 7 but 2 is not. We say that the polynomial () is primitive (mod some finite base field ) if the element is primitive (in the previous sense) in the group of units of the polynomials mod (). Thus we say that the polynomial is primitive mod 2 as =, , and . However, the same polynomial is not primitive mod 5 as 3(mod ).
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a function callable from Lisp that is written in C, such as car or append
individual Gaussian functions used singly to produce a contracted basis function: a set of p-functions is three basis functions, but may be many primitives (3n, where there are n primitives in the cGTO).
People whose culture we do not understand were described as "primitive. In many respects, their culture was more advanced than that of the people who used such a term.
word like 'pagan'. Pointing at not Roman Christian skills. Jungle cultures show amazing knowledge of survival skills. And often have refined ethics. - destroying 'primitive' human cultures is genocide, and of the same order as hunting gorillas.
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Representation of an element that is frequently used in a LEGO part. Example - STUD.DAT. These files are used in place of creating the element each time it is used in a parts file. They reside in the P subdirectory of the LDRAW folder.
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An abstraction representing the communication between layer entities operating at different layers or between a layer entity and the management entity controlling it. There are four types of primitives in the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model)-request, indication, response, and confirm.
An abstract description of an interaction between a service user and a service provider.
An abstract, implementation-independent representation of an interaction; in the OSI protocol layering model, a layer requests services from an adjacent lower layer using primitives. In AG ISDN, messages used by a layer to request services from an adjacent lower layer.
the quality of not being subdivided; atomic.
Types which are atomic and have no supertypes. There is a belief that there are a few semantic primitives from which all business related applications can be built.
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ancientfrom the earliest times
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a graphical output object that may own different rendering protocols
a graphics object that is used so often that it is essential to the creation of objects
(property allocation) A property that is stored in a CLOS object slot.
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a notion that is NOT defined
Of or pertaining to a former time; old-fashioned; characterized by simplicity; as, a primitive style of dress.
A non-negative Matrix M is called primitive, if there is a power of M which has strictly positive entries. A substitution is called primitive, if the corresponding substitution matrix is primitive.
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an item that someone usually made at home out of necessity
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A point, a line, a polygon, a bitmap, or an image. (Note: Not just a point, a line, or a polygon!)
Primitive is a subjective label used to imply that one thing is less sophisticated or less advanced than some other thing. Being a comparative word it is also relative in nature.
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a command which can itself be plotted
a basic element representing the lowest level of processing that is modeled
A basic component that is defined entirely in terms of behavior, without reference to any other primitives.
a procedure that is implemented internally
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of ancient origin.
a component that contains only a single binary file resource
A message requesting a service from an agent, sent through the Communication Executive.
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(see output primitive)
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Print Print
an interface that provides access from one level of a protocol to another level
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