Definitions for "Inclined plane"
Keywords:  slanted, ramp, plane, flat, ninety
a sloping surface. An inclined plane is a simple machine that makes work easier. An inclined plane can be used to alter the effort and distance involved in doing work. A slope, such as the side of a hill, is a natural inclined plane. A ramp is an inclined plane made by people.
A plane which makes an angle less than ninety degrees with the horizontal.
slanted surface used to raise an object
A device on wheels that lifted boats from one level to another without using locks.
A mechanical device constructed on a gradient and designed to transport boats from one level of a canal to another using the principle of counterbalance.
a quicker and more efficient (in terms of water loss), alternative to a flight of canal lock s, but is more costly to install and run
An acrylic ledge or platform which is usually added to a maxillary Hawley retainer and is designed to intrude teeth or to position the lower jaw forward.
A railway operating over exclusive right-of-way on steep grades with unpowered vehicles propelled by moving cables attached to the vehicles and powered by engines or motors at a central location not on board the vehicle.
Keywords:  wedge, simple, move, machine, easily
wedge used to raise a load more easily. The load moves, not the wedge.
a simple machine that can be used to move objects from one level to another
a simple machine with no moving parts
a common method of trading force for distance
an object that decreases the effort needed to lift an object by increasing the distance over which the effort is applied
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a way of getting up to higher ground without using as much energy