Definitions for "flatness"
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Eveness of surface; want of relief or prominence; the state of being plane or level.
Want of vivacity or spirit; prostration; dejection; depression.
Depression of tone; the state of being below the true pitch; -- opposed to sharpness or acuteness.
Absolute limits of variation in loss through the passband of the filter. Includes ripple, slope, and rolloff at band edges.
The variation in attenuation or gain at a given bias level over the frequency band of interest.
A term expressed in dB to specify the consistent amplitude of a signal spanning a frequency range. Typical expressions: Flatness is to be +/-1dB across (frequency range), OR Flatness shall have 1.5dB peak to peak.
A setting in PostScript illustration software. Flatness controls the allowable laser beam error artwork is printed. (A six sided STOP sign would be a good example of a circle with very high flatness.) To decrease output times increase the flatness setting. A flatness setting of 3 will not be visible in the output but will shorten output time. (Significantly!)
Flatness in systems theory is a system property that extends the notion of Controllability from linear systems to nonlinear dynamical systems. A system that has the flatness property is called a flat system. Flat systems have a (fictituous) flat output, which can be used to explicitly express all states and inputs in terms of the flat output and a finite number of its derivatives.
Is the relatively flat appearance for a probability distribution. See Platykurtic and compare Leptokurtic.
Want of variety or flavor; dullness; insipidity.
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The intuitive idea of flatness is important in several fields.
The absence of any gap or clearance when a strip is placed, without applying any pressure, between two parallel-faced plates.
the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
Refers to the extent to which paper lies horizontally.
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the property of having two dimensions
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The quality or state of being flat.