Definitions for "Rolloff"
A name for an equalizer filter low cut filter. Usually refering to filters found on microphones or mixers with a starting frequency around 80 to 100 Hz. Helps eliminate P-popping and stage rumble.
A frequency response which falls gradually above or below a certain frequency limit. By comparison, the term cutoff (often abbreviated to "cut," as in "bass cut") implies an abrupt loss of level above or below the frequency limit.
A gradual decrease in response below or above some specified frequency.
1. Refers to the tenth frame. 2. Describes a match between players or teams to determine a championship or position finish.
A rounded or pulled down condition on the corners of Flatpack frames - caused in the blanking and drawing operations of the stamping process.
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a construction-sized dumpster
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A 10 to 50 cubic yard container with and open top for collection of solid waste. The container is picked up by a special truck and hauled to landfill to be emptied.
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The attenuation of sound over distance.