Definitions for "Tenth"
Keywords:  ninth, eleventh, nine, coming, position
Next in order after the ninth; coming after nine others.
coming next after the ninth and just before the eleventh in position
Keywords:  formerly, tithe, bounty, pope, quotient
Constituting or being one of ten equal parts into which anything is divided.
The quotient of a unit divided by ten; one of ten equal parts into which anything is divided.
The tenth part of annual produce, income, increase, or the like; a tithe.
Keywords:  octave, interval, third, staff, tone
The interval between any tone and the tone represented on the tenth degree of the staff above it, as between one of the scale and three of the octave above; the octave of the third.
The interval of a compound third, in other words, an octave plus a third.
The common rate of clerical taxation, usually granted in multiples or fractions (e.g. half or moiety) of tenths. (Heath, Peter. Church and Realm, 1272-1461, 369)
position ten in a countable series of things
Keywords:  cake, piece, small
a small piece of a cake
Keywords:  decimal, seven, first, right, point
The first decimal place to the right of the decimal point. For example, .7 is seven-tenths.