Definitions for "Shaku"
Keywords:  scepter, koo, shah, baton, leadership
a ritual scepter or baton
(SHAH-koo) A smooth, flat, wooden ceremonial scepter of leadership.
The Japanese unit of measurement equaling 11.93 inches.
Traditional Japanese unit of measurement which is used to determine a drum's size. The exact length of a shaku varies according to the geographical area and trade in which it is used, but when applied to taiko it is about 30 cm or roughly one foot in length.
a Japanese word meaning "measure" or "scale", also used for several traditional units in Japan: [1] As a unit of distance, the shaku is the Japanese foot, equal to about 30.30 centimeters or 11.93 inches; [2] As a unit of area, the shaku equals 330.6 square centimeters (51.24 square inches); [3] As a unit of volume, the shaku equals about 18.04 milliliters (0.61 U.S. fluid ounce).
30.30 cm