Definitions for "Quart"
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The fourth part; a quarter; hence, a region of the earth.
A measure of capacity, both in dry and in liquid measure; the fourth part of a gallon; the eighth part of a peck; two pints.
A vessel or measure containing a quart.
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At the time the Paris quart was 1.86 litres, significantly larger than the modern quart (Montagne, Zupko).
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Keywords:  tierce, pawns, friendly, four, flush
In cards, four successive cards of the same suit. Cf. Tierce, 4.
Four horizontal friendly pawns.
A four-card straight flush.
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a very small tea kettle
It is a crystalline mineral which is used for gems, including amethyst and rock crystals. It is available in variety of colors.
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a little over kill