Definitions for "Flush"
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A hand of cards, all of the same suit; -- especially significant in poker, where five cards of the same suit constitute a flush, which beats a straight but is beaten by a full house or four of a kind.
Consisting of cards of one suit.
A poker hand where five cards are the same suit in no particular order.
Keywords:  blush, rush, shame, suffused, glow
To flow and spread suddenly; to rush; as, blood flushes into the face.
To become suddenly suffused, as the cheeks; to turn red; to blush.
To snow red; to shine suddenly; to glow.
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Flush refers to the four separate plucking seasons throughout the year, each known for it's distinctive flavor.
freshly-picked tea leaves, including the bud and the top two leaves of the tea plant.
Acronym for Fish Leaving Under Several Hypotheses, the passage model developed by the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission.
Aligned or even with.
Type that lines up at the left or right margin. Also called flush left/ranged left or flush right/ranged right.
Typeset copy vertically aligned at the left or right margins.
Keywords:  unbroken, plane, adjoining, even, panel
Unbroken or even in surface; on a level with the adjacent surface; forming a continuous surface; as, a flush panel; a flush joint.
So as to be level or even.
A solid door that sits within the cabinet opening so that the front surface of the door is even with the front of the cabinet side panel.
A short, quick watering period; a sudden growth burst.
To open a cold-water tap to clear out all the water that may have been sitting for a long time in the pipes. In new homes, to flush a system means to sent large volumes of water gushing through the unused pipes to remove loose particles of solder and flux.
(1) A sudden release of water used to assist navigation on rivers. (2) An inland lake, often caused by subsidence due to salt mining.
Affluent; abounding; well furnished or suppled; hence, liberal; prodigal.
having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value; "an affluent banker"; "a speculator flush with cash"; "not merely rich but loaded"; "moneyed aristocrats"; "wealthy corporations"
Keywords:  meadows, mine, placer, flood, overwhelm
To cause to be full; to flood; to overflow; to overwhelm with water; as, to flush the meadows; to flood for the purpose of cleaning; as, to flush a sewer.
To operate a placer mine, where the continuous supply of water is insufficient, by holding back the water, and releasing it periodically in a flood.
To fill underground spaces, especially in coal mines, with material carried by water, which, after drainage, constitutes a compact mass.
Keywords:  purge, empty, buffer, fflush, rinse
The process of emptying a buffer's contents and resetting its internal data structures.
rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid; "flush the wound with antibiotics"; "purge the old gas tank"
Operation to remove any material or fluids from refrigeration system parts by purging them to the atmosphere using refrigerant or other fluids.
Keywords:  washdown, sorb, kitty, culverts, speedy
Some counties use the term "washdown" for using a fire company to remove spilled fuel or other substances from roadways. Due to environmental regulations, many departments use absorbent material such as Sorb-All(tm) (informally called "kitty litter" because of the resemblance) to pick up spilled fuel instead of flushing it into sewers or storm culverts. Another brand name of absorbent substance used by fire departments is Speedy Dry(tm).
To cause to start, as a hunter a bird.
an area of soil enriched by transported materials either dissolved minerals salts or rockparticles. Wet flushes are found surrounding springs and rivulets and appear as bright green, rushy areas on a hill slope.
To drive birds from cover, to force them to take flight; to spring.
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(1) To write data from a cache in memory to a volume. (2) To write data or instructions from a cache in the microprocessor to RAM.
A cache or TLB operation that involves writing back a modified entry to memory, followed by an invalidation of the entry.
What you should do with most of your writing.
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Flush is a young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen first published in 2005, and set in Hiaasen's native Florida.
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To rouse game
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"Flush" is a song by the American hard rock band Mötley Crüe, released on their 1997 album Generation Swine.
Keywords:  laden, fluid, dilutes, thumb, stuffing
The process of using a fluid to push contaminants from a system.
a complete fluid transfer
The fluid that follows the sand laden fluid and places the sand into the formation. Rule of Thumb: 0.5 m3 less than the hole fill volume.
An ADB command to a device that forces it to remove any existing user-input data from the appropriate device register See also: Listen, SendReset, Talk
Area of soil in which nutrients accumulate due to water inflow or soil movement and breakdown.
irrigate with water from a sluice; "sluice the earth"
make level or straight; "level the ground"
All foliage unfolding and developing in a (short part of) one season, on trees of rhythmic growth; the colour of the flush of new l Parent Term: Foliage Difficulty Level: Show examples
When a part is externally snug and tight against part and/or material Report this Word Added by: xtremebluedragon
for fungi, a nearly synchronous crop of many fruitbodies followed by a period of fewer or no fruitbodies
Keywords:  buff, shower, floor, shoes, shiny
polish and make shiny; "buff the wooden floors"; "buff my shoes"
The shower recess area is flat and flush to the floor.
Keywords:  quarry, breaks, cover
When the quarry breaks cover.
the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
PIE command you use to stop assembling the current composite and to remove it from the job queue.
Keywords:  solidly, hit, him, squarely, face
squarely or solidly; "hit him flush in the face"
Keywords:  pocket, pins, ten, solid, carrying
The position in the pocket most effective for carrying all ten pins.
Being solid in the pocket.
Keywords:  garbage, freely, river, flow, down
flow freely; "The garbage flushed down the river"
The immediate launch of all aircraft to survive a missile attack
an unpleasant sensation of heat which begins in the face, head or chest
Through the performance of high reps, this is the process of increasing the amount of blood flowing to a particular muscle.
Keywords:  pan, rods, fixture, ceiling, sockets
A fixture that is close to the ceiling or wall and does not have rods or arms leading to the sockets. (Also see: Pan)
Returning a control thread to the initial state when an exception is encountered.
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Fold Four of a Kind Fourth Street
To increase the blood supply to a muscle, thereby bringing in more nutrients.
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Flat against.
in binding, when the covers and sections are trimmed at the same time.
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The time from investment to net profit by days, expressed in units of dollar days.
Flush or flushing refers to recording changes (that is, sending modified data) to the database.