Definitions for "Purge"
Keywords:  rid, purify, cleanse, impure, undesired
To cleanse, clear, or purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure, heterogeneous, foreign, or superfluous.
To remove in cleansing; to deterge; to wash away; -- often followed by away.
to get rid of party members and other citizens who are not toeing the official party line, or who are perceived as a potential or actual threat. Purges are usually associated with totalitarian societies: The Soviet Union under Stalin had massive purges, as did China under Mao Tse Tung.
To operate on as, or by means of, a cathartic medicine, or in a similar manner.
To have or produce frequent evacuations from the intestines, as by means of a cathartic.
That which purges; especially, a medicine that evacuates the intestines; a cathartic.
To eliminate inactive case records from court files. putative father: The person alleged to be the father of a child but who has not yet been medically or legally declared to be the legal father. (See also genetic testing, legal father, paternity.)
To eliminate unneeded files/information from a computer system. You can purge old files in order to free up hard drive space. Nothing .
To remove information from a file that has no further value, usually according to a records retention schedule. This process can be done to both active and inactive records. See also Weeding (Files) (ARMA International).
To remove a deleted file from the server's hard disk. Deleted files are saved in a salvageable state until they are either salvaged or purged by a user, or until the server runs out of disk space and purges them to gain more disk space.
a deletion of the entire class schedule of a student due to non-payment of fees (or having a balance due)
A synonym for deleting something, usually in such a way that it cannot be easily recovered. It is used in several contexts, including the deletion of print...
Keywords:  rinse, empty, manifold, clean, expel
Rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid. To rinse or displace the fuel in the Active fuel system with another fuel.
rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid; "flush the wound with antibiotics"; "purge the old gas tank"
To clean or expel. To force ink through the manifold or through the chamber/orifice to clean out debris or air.
To flush ink through the system to release any obstructions in the system.
Purge is the third album by singer/songwriter Bif Naked, released in 2001. (see 2001 in music).
Purge is a comic book one-shot released on 28 December 2005 by Dark Horse Comics. The story was written by John Ostrander, and the art was done by Doug Wheatley.
oust politically; "Deng Xiao Ping was purged several times throughout his lifetime"
mass expulsion of political opponents from a political or social movement or political party. Such expulsions sometimes involve the extrajudicial killing of opponents.
Keywords:  ordeal, clear, crime, steam, defilement
To clear of sediment, as a boiler, or of air, as a steam pipe, by driving off or permitting escape.
To clear from guilt, or from moral or ceremonial defilement; as, to purge one of guilt or crime.
To clear from accusation, or the charge of a crime or misdemeanor, as by oath or in ordeal.
Keywords:  weep, purplish, momentary, inert, beef
"Purge" or "weep" are terms used to identify the purplish-red fluid found in packaged beef cuts (vacuum or others). Purge may be an indicator of temperature abuse, excessive storage time or lack of full vacuum.
A momentary opening to allow a fluid to escape
The displacement of fluids within a system by use of another fluid or an inert gas.
A purge is when a crossdresser or transvestite through away all their clothes and transgender items in an attempt to stop crossdressing.
(v. or n.) To attempt to suppress cross-gender identity or desires by discarding all items such as clothing, cosmetics, literature, and ceasing contact with the Community.
Keywords:  defecate, clarify, liquors
To clarify; to defecate, as liquors.
To remove volumes of groundwater from a monitoring well prior to sampling or to remove vapors from an underground storage tank.
To remove nonproductive or undesirable names from a Mailing List, saving money for the company.
To remove or release fluid from a system.
Keywords:  clarification, pure
To become pure, as by clarification.
To atone for an offense, to submit to a court's mandate (i.e., to purge oneself of contempt of court).
The process by which a Defendant voluntarily comes to Court to take care of a warrant or a show cause hearing.
eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; "After drinking too much, the students vomited"; "He purged continuously"; "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"
Keywords:  exuded, juices, cured, fresh, meat
The juices exuded from fresh, cooked and cured meat cuts after they are packaged and which remain in the package at the time of opening.
The cancellation of a studentâ€(tm)s class schedule if arrangements are not made to pay for tuition and fees by a certain deadline.
a necessity in negative pressure designs, but is not necessary in positive pressure designs where air and water vapor are kept out of the system by the internal pressure
Keywords:  lieu, sentence, county, serving, paid
an amount of money paid to the county in lieu of serving a sentence
Keywords:  liberate, volatile, gases, sample, gas
To force a gas through the water sample to liberate volatile chemicals or other gases from the water so their level can be measured.
The act of purging.
The act of selectively destroying one or more documents from a file.
the process of separating records for conversion and storage from active records.