Definitions for "Incapacitation"
A type of deterrence based on the idea that the only way to prevent criminals from offending again is to remove them from society.
A strategy of punishment associated with positivist approaches to criminology. Sick offenders are removed from society (institutionalized or imprisoned) if they cannot be cured and rehabilitated, in order to protect society from harm. See also Deterrence and Retribution.
Added - 09 Thu March 2006 Incapacitation menas to physically remove dangerous criminals so that they cannot harm society.
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The act of incapacitating or state of being incapacitated; incapacity; disqualification.
Lack of ability to provide sufficient care or judgment for oneself, due to diminished physical or mental functioning.
An inability to perform a task caused by exposure to a toxic substance, etc. It could be due to physical (ie. physiological) incapacitation or behavioral incapacitation.
The physical state of being unfit or unable to perform properly.
An abnormal condition when the level of products and services a critical infrastructure provides is customers is reduces. While typically a temporary condition, an infrastructure is considered incapacitated when the duration of reduced performance causes a debilitating impact.