Definitions for "Restorative justice"
Enhanced through the delivery of a warning as part of a restorative conference involving the offender, their parents/guardians (if a young offender), and the victim (where appropriate) to enable the offender face the consequences of their offence and give something back to the person/community, whilst enabling the victim to express their views.
A philosophy which views crime as an act against individuals and the community. Victims have a voice in Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice has created the opportunity for a victim to have a face-to-face meeting with the offender, when appropriate ("Victim-Offender Conferencing"). It has led to the formation of groups designed to heighten awareness of Victims' needs both within and beyond the Department of Corrections. The goal behind Restorative Justice is to "restore" the victims and the community, and to engage the offender in the restoration process by helping repair the harm he/she has caused. to top
A model of justice which involves mediation between victims and offenders in which offenders accept responsibility for their actions and agree to reimburse victims for their losses.
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