Definitions for "Entrapment"
The act of inducing a person to commit a crime so that a criminal charge will be brought against him.
A technique by law enforcement officers or their agents to induce the commission of a crime so that the person induced to commit the crime can be charged. This technique, because it involves artificially provoking and abetting the commission of a crime, which is itself a criminal offence, is severely curtailed under the constitutional law of many states.
An inducement to crime by agents of enforcement.
This usually occurs when the paddlers' boat has been pinned against an obstacle. The paddler can then be trapped in the boat by the force of the water or due to the boat collapsing.
getting stuck (either boat or swimmer) on an obstacle in moving water
The damaging admission and trapping of air, flux, and fumes; it is caused by contamination and plating.
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Entrapment (1999) is an American film directed by Jon Amiel, and starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
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The paper insert that goes into the clear plastics pouch to cover the outside of a DVD or Amaray case. Other names for entrapment are inlay, insert, and wraparound.
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A disorder of a peripheral nerve characterized by pain and/or loss of function of the nerves as a result of chronic compression. (From Nerve Entrapments Syndromes) The most common form of entrapment is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). See PNE.
The deliberate use of apparent security weakness with the specific purpose of detecting those who are likely to exploit any genuine weakness.
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an area in the playground where a child could get his or her feet and body through, but not his or her head