Definitions for "Alibi"
The plea or mode of defense under which a person on trial for a crime proves or attempts to prove that he was in another place when the alleged act was committed; as, to set up an alibi; to prove an alibi.
Defense to a criminal allegation based on the fact that the defendant was not present at the location where the crime took place when the crime occurred.
(law) a defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question
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Alibi is the ninth original studio album by American folk rock duo America, released by Capitol Records in 1980. Produced by Matthew McCauley and Fred Mollin, this was the first America album not produced by George Martin since Hat Trick in 1973.
Alibi is a 1929 film written by Elaine S. Carrington, J.C. Nugent, C.
A term for a refire given for rifle or ammunition malfunction.
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exonerate by means of an alibi