Definitions for "PRISON"
A place of punishments and rewards. The poet assures us that -- "Stone walls do not a prison make,"but a combination of the stone wall, the political parasite and the moral instructor is no garden of sweets.
A place where persons are confined, or restrained of personal liberty; hence, a place or state o? confinement, restraint, or safe custody.
Specifically, a building for the safe custody or confinement of criminals and others committed by lawful authority.
See Penitentiary.
174] To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance, if it encircles your friends, or yourself. To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you will finally overcome misfortune. [174] See Jail.
jail, jailhouse, penitentiary (reformatory prison)
Prison is the story of a wrongfully accused man, Charles Forsythe, being executed in the electric chair in 1956.
a personal prerogative of a Russian journalist, then his ethical and professional standards raise a lot of questions
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To bind (together); to enchain.
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a small town," says Alsop, famous for his ideas about "creative cities" where people are engaged and involved
Although many drug addicts pass through a prison some time during their life, the peculiar characteristics of prisons that could be utilized for evaluating the addicts and providing them with appropriate treatment are rarely taken advantage of.
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a war") but since the man himself is corrupt, his message becomes suspect
an example of a discrete system, since the number of customers change only when persons arrive or depart
a perfect world compressed in a narrow space
a unique space separated from all societies
a major employer in many communities
a valuable community resource and should function for the benefit of all, inside and out
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a different matter
a structured and controlled environment
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a federal project