Definitions for "Controlled"
restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds; "controlled emotions"; "the controlled release of water from reservoirs"
curbed or regulated; "controlled emotions"
Restrained, holding back, in charge of one's emotions.
A fire is controlled when enough work has been done to insure it will not escape.
The completion of control line around a fire, any spot fires therefrom, and any interior islands to be saved; burned out any unburned area adjacent to the fire side of the control lines; and cool down all hot spots that are immediate threats to the control line, until the lines can reasonably be expected to hold under the foreseeable conditions.
access. Describes a situation in which access to a particular renew able resource e.g. a village woodlot is effectively controlled so that those responsible for managing the woodlot know who can have access to it when and under what conditions.
A storage class where the data must be explicitly allocated and freed by the program. Storage is maintained as a push-down list where only the most recently allocated generation is normally accessable at any time.
Cities begin the game controlled by one side or the other, or neutral, as indicated by the color of the lettering on the map. A player gains control of a city when (a) he captures it an attack, (b) it surrenders automatically, or (c) his opponent attacks a neutral city. He then places one of his tokens (blue or yellow) on the city, to show he controls it. Exception: when you regain control of one of your native cities, just remove your opponent's token from it; there's no need to place one of your own.
A study comparing an experimental treatment with no treatment, a placebo, or another established drug is said to be controlled.
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