Definitions for "Treatment"
A relatively brief and loosely narrative pitch of a story intended for production as a film for theater or television broadcast. Written in user-friendly, dramatic, but straightforward and highly-visual prose, in the present tense, the treatment highlights in broad strokes your story's hook, primary characters, acts and action line, setting, point of view, and most dramatic scenes and turning points.
similar in form and style to a synopsis but only a much more detailed telling of a story. Generally includes every scene and plot involved. These are also written in a prose form, similar to a novel, but still usually with little to no dialogue. They are considered more or less a tool for writers when they are initially fleshing out their idea(s) for script.
A condensed version of the script to describe what will be seen and heard. It gives a chronological rundown of the prospective script, detailing information on the setting, plot, characters, and dialogue.
The act or manner of treating; management; manipulation; handling; usage; as, unkind treatment; medical treatment.
prescribed medical therapy
Patient care intended to correct or relieve the underlying problem and its symptoms.
The planned provision of services that are sensitive and responsive to a patient's age, disability, if any, gender and culture, and that are conducted under clinical supervision to assist the patient through the process of recovery.
Includes actions which reduce the volume and/or hazardous properties of waste after its generation and prior to disposal or discharge.
Any method, technique, or process designed to change the physical, chemical, or biological character or composition of any hazardous, radioactive, or sanitary waste, so as to neutralize such waste, to recover energy or material resources from the waste, or to render such waste non-hazardous; safer to transport, store, or dispose; or amenable for recovery or storage; or reduced in volume. Treatment should only be implemented if waste cannot be prevented or recycled.
An autistic spectrum disorder is a life-long disability and there is at present no one effective treatment that appears to work for everyone. However, given appropriate intervention early in life, specialized education and structured support can make a difference to a child's life, helping to maximize their skills and achieve their full potential as adults. Although there is no documented "cure" for Autism, research suggests that it can be managed effectively using comprehensive behavioral and educational treatment programmes. Social pragmatic approaches, augmented by individualized strategies and social coaching, may be best for teaching social communication skills. Pharmacological interventions have a limited role in improving asocial communication, but may help ameliorate depression, hyperactivity and other secondary problems. For a definition and brief description of the various treatment approaches, refer to the appropriate place in this glossary.
Intervention designed to reduce symptoms, improve functioning, and (if possible) cure a condition.
a physical intervention carried out to achieve a historic preservation goal -- it cannot be considered in a vacuum
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an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic; "the book contains an excellent discussion of modal logic"; "his treatment of the race question is badly biased"
a deeply relaxing and energising experience that assists in the healing of any condition Learn to be a Reiki Healer Three levels or degrees are taught in three courses
a prayer of faith and understanding for healing, harmony, wisdom, prosperity, or any other good that man may desire
Type of disturbance encountered or used in the experimental studies i.e. the gear used or the observed activity (e.g. bait digging, beam trawling, suction dredging).
A stimulus that is applied in order to observe its effect on the experimental situation. A treatment may refer to a physical substance, a procedure, or anything capable of controlled application according to the requirements of the experiment.
The stimulus given to a dependent variable.
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a higher risk of skin cancer, particularly non-aggressive forms like squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
A general term denoting different effects which are to be compared or the effects or factors that are to be measured. (e.g., variety, fertilizer rates) or procedures (e.g., method of nitrogen application).
a procedure or set of procedures done for a health-related purpose
An officially approved and authorized procedure for the eradication, removal or rendering infertile of pests.
In the television and movie industries, a producer's multi-page elaboration of an initial pitch to executives of a production or distribution firm. If the executives like the treatment, they may order a script.
a written condensed version of the proposed movie or television project
a two to six page exposition on what an infomercial will look like and communicate. This is the first stage of script writing.
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an elusive one
in citators, refers to what other, later cases have said about the cited case.
The stage of the child protection case process when specific services are provided by CPS and other providers to reduce the risk of maltreatment, support families in meeting case goals and address the effects of maltreatment.
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an alternative to ACC and ACQ in the United States and Canada
A level of an independent variable applied during an experiment.
a relaxing experience, and all you will be aware of is the sound of the candle (most often compared to rain sounds, waves or a crackling fire) and the warmth of my hands on your head
The filtration and disinfection process.
The process undertaken to treat effluent to improve its environmental outcome, prior to its re-use or discharge to the environment
a way to forcing yourself to visualize your documentary
The process of creating a preview of the visual style and examining the technical requirements of the website. Much of the creative work on a website is done at this point, which is why we charge separately for this process. Synonyms: visuals, visualisations Back
The specific meaning of a natural call or play according to a partnership agreement.
a partnership's interpretaton of an action.
Describes how collected materials treat subject: biographies, bibliographies, texts and manuals, theoretical work, etc.
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a safe, rapid, and simple method of treating mimic facial lines for a period of three to six months, and possibly longer
the process of cleaning water so it is safe for people to use.
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Entertainment; treat.
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the management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage"; "the right to equal treatment in the criminal justice system"
A treatment is used in between Shampoo and Conditioner to put protein back into the hair. You should leave the treatment in your hair for approximately 5 minutes before using your conditioner. You'll be able to find a treatment designed for your hair type.
a feasible in vitro approach to study the expression and function of drug transport proteins
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an essay that outlines the point and punch line of the ad you will produce
a situation controlled by the researcher that exposes the SUBJECTS to the variable being studied; e.g., "pitch pattern instruction" or "piano accompaniment."
an enjoyable part of my work, and I meet with both adults and adolescents for this
Changing behaviors or other conditions related to the child's emotional or behavioral disorder; and/or helping the individual and his or her family to cope with the disability.
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A "natural" bid that, more or less, means what it sounds like. Note that both "limit" and "forcing" raises are treatments, but they are different.
a natural call that carries a specific message about the suit bid or the general strength of the hand
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passing water through coal, sand and gravel to remove particles
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a positive thing
a specific thing
an intercept that call can be routed to for other than "normal" call completion or routing
a more in-depth breakdown of your intentions and strategies (your design) for making a production
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a unique occasion, and sacred time for you
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port or field: The place on the body at which the radiation beam is aimed.
A treatment is a specific combination of factor levels whose effect is to be compared with other treatments.
A single level assigned to a single factor.
A complete treatment plan, consisting of multiple arc treatment sessions.
a summary of a proposed project's contents, generally no more than 30 pages, used to generate interest and “sell” the project. Sometimes referred to as a design proposal (qv).
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Methods and agents used to treat the tumor.