Definitions for "Healing crisis"
Keywords:  attuned, reiki, acute, pranic, ailment
When you have been attuned to Reiki or sometimes when you have received Reiki, the negative energy gets pushed out of your body and replaced with higher frequency healing energy. This process can cause physical and emotional reactions that while they can seem distressing initially are a product of the healing process and as long as continual healing is given will subside.
an acute reaction created in a chronic condition to stimulate the body's inflammatory mechanism to heal the old ailment
an acute reaction, resulting from the ascendancy of Nature's healing forces over disease conditions
Brief illness or symptoms that surface in the initial period after making a dietary change or other holistic health adjustment.
A temporary intensification of symptoms that occurs as part of the healing process. It occurs as the body detoxifies and rebalances.
a severe symptom, or set of symptoms, which may appear quite suddenly or unexpectedly during the course of natural healing
a natural part of body cleansing and detox
a process that occurs naturally after a period of
a process whereby the body attempts to expel stale or diseased energies
a necessary part in the healing process
A process of cure, time or beginning of a period when a healing procedure provoked by an equal amount and sequential application of a medicinal substance.
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a sign of improving health