Definitions for "sequential"
Succeeding or following in order.
A function whose output value depends not only on its current input values, but also on previous input values. That is, the output value depends on a sequence of input values.
Relating to, or arranged in a sequence. Used in relation to switching of camera inputs to a monitor so as to display different camera scenes one at a time in a sequential manner or repetition.
Doing one arithmetic operation at a time. The classic von Neumann architecture specifies a computer that transfers numbers in parallel but which executes program steps sequentially.
Events that execute one after another can be said to be sequential. For example, all code has to be initially expressed sequentially to the compiler before it can be optimized for the Itaniumâ„¢ processor family architecture. See Parallelism
in regular succession without gaps; "serial concerts"
a unit requiring the successful completion of a previous unit as a pre-requisite.
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A series of maneuvers completed on one jump, effected thru grip changes, grip breaks and flying, or both.
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A program running on one CPU
Compared to the immediately prior period.
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Occurring one after the other.