Definitions for "Discrete"
Separate; distinct; disjunct.
Disjunctive; containing a disjunctive or discretive clause; as, "I resign my life, but not my honor," is a discrete proposition.
Separate; not coalescent; -- said of things usually coalescent.
Nerve Transduction
Narcolepsy Transduction
Networks Transduction
A discrete random variable is a variable whose possible values are countable. Its probability distribution is described by a probability function that is positive only for the values which are possible and thus cannot be represented by a smooth curve.
Taking only non- continuous values, e.g., Boolean or natural numbers.
consisting of invididual, discontinuous parts; a variable can be discrete; compare to continuous.
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Peroxide Ulcer Phantom
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Nuclei Synapse
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Separate. A discrete digital surround-sound format contains 5.1channels of audio information that are completely separate from each other; contrasted with a matrixed surround format such as Dolby Surround, which mixes the channels together for transmission or storage.
Audio information can be assigned and sent to exact speakers.
A channel that is both recorded and played back as a unique and independent entity.
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A thermistor without a housing.
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a coded numeric representation of information (i.e. persons who answered (1) have incomes in the $10,000 to $15,000 range).
A term used to describe devices that are packaged in individual casings.