Definitions for "TTL"
Abbreviation for ransistor- ransistor ogic.
a generic term for Transistor Logic which is used extensively in digital electronics systems.
This is a specific method of wiring a digital circuit using bipolar transistors. TTL is often used to refer to 5 Volt cicuits which is not always a correct statement.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Time to Live. This is how long a TCP/IP or UDP data packet will continue to be sent accross the network before it dies. Counted in the number of nodes it crosses in its journey.
time to live. The field used in a protocol (such as DNS or ICMP) to indicate how many more network hops are allowed before the packet is dropped (discarded) (and, in terms of a TCP protocol as opposed to a UDP protocol) an error returned to the sender.
Time To Live, another name for the Minimum SOA setting which controls how long non-autoritative nameservers keep information cached.
Through the Lens, used when talking about either an autofocus or auto exposure system that works through the camera's lens. It's also (incorrectly) used to mean SLR, see "SLR" above.
(1.) A term used in digital electronics mainly to describe the ability of a device or circuit to be connected directly to the input or output of digital equipment. Such compatibility eliminates the need for interfacing circuitry. TTL signals are usually limited to two states, low and high, and are thus much more limited than analog signals. (2.) Thru-the-lens viewing or color measuring.
Acronym for Through The Lens, a system that reads the light passing through a lens that will expose film or strike an image sensor. A TTL system is useful when using accessories such as filters, extension tubes, and teleconverters, which reduce the amount of light reaching the film or sensor.
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Tera Term Macro File
Type of connector commonly used for joining cables to receivers, transmitters or other cables.
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Treatment Team Leader
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The Tiny Template Library is a free modern C++ template library for generic programming.
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Tagging, Tracking, and Locating
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What is TTL across the internet
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TTL video support