Definitions for "Zoom lens"
Digital Video: A variable focal-length lens, used to magnify the target image. The most common zoom lens on digital cameras has a 3:1 ratio. The zoom function on digital cameras will be either an optical zoom or a digital zoom.
A lens having internal movable elements that allow the focal length to be changed without changing the image plane.
A lens with a variable focal length - usually which can be moved from a wideangle setting to a telephoto one - found on cameras and projectors.
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a common enough feature in cheap film cameras, but the Chinon/Kodak pair are the only consumer digital still cameras to offer one
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a basket of compromises
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a handy tool for getting those shots you want
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an advantage as it allows you to zoom between the masts
a practical alternative for mortals
a vital part of your investigation, but it must be used properly
Zoom adjustment over 1.2x range allows precise adjustment of projected image size.