Definitions for "TLR"
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Twin Lens Reflex camera. A fixed mirror replaces the SLR's flip-up mirror, so making this design very quiet. (Medium Format) 6cmx6cm. Rollei is the best known. (see Medium format, Parallax error & SLR )
Twin Lens Reflex. Twin Lens Reflex cameras have two lenses. The upper lens is used to view the scene while the lower one is used to expose the film. One problem with TLR camera is called the Parallax effect. When photographing an object at a close range, the film does not "see" what the photographer sees because of the angle of the two lenses.
see “Twin Lens Reflex” below.
Temporary Lawful Resident alien. An alien granted temporary lawful permanent resident status based on his/her qualifications under the legalization or SAW programs. INS rules favorably or unfavorably on granting Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status to the alien. See: Citizenship / Alien Status
Target Lesion Revascularization
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Twill slanting to the left that has a heavy texture or is rough.
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The three letter abbreviation TLR can stand for