Definitions for "lpr"
Legal Personal Representative. The legal personal representative is a person appointed to act on behalf of another person or their estate. In relation to superannuation, the LPR is normally the executor, executrix or administrator of a deceased person's estate. See section 10 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993
Legal Permanent Residents. Status granted to immigrants by either the U.S. State Department abroad or by the INS in the U.S. The two most typical ways to obtain LPR statuses are (1) being related to a U.S. citizen or LPR (family unification) or (2) having job skills that are needed by a U.S. employer. Other ways to obtain LPR status include: having refugee status or asylum for one year, winning a slot in the visa lottery, being granted amnesty due to having lived a long time in the U.S., or being given the status by an immigration judge on the basis of hardship or other reasons.
U.S. Legal Permanent Resident (has Green card).
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Print spooler and associated software.
To print a file
lpr send a job to the printer
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A regulator with an output pressure below approximately 100psi. Supplies the solenoid with the proper pressure to drive the ram/hammer. Also see regulator and HPR.
Lost policy release. An agreement signed by the policyholder relieving the insurer from liability under an insurance contract which has been lost, misplaced or is otherwise unavailable. The lost policy release form is used to fulfill the requirement that a policy be returned when the insured requests that coverage be canceled.
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Licence Plate recognition - see ANPR
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A pallet pool operating in Europe and based in France.
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