Definitions for "Spooling"
1. n. The use of auxiliary storage as buffer storage to reduce processing delays when transferring data between peripheral equipment and computer processors. "Spool" is an acronym for "simultaneous peripheral operation online." 2. v. Reading and writing input and output streams on an intermediate device in a format convenient for later processing or output. 3. v. Performing a peripheral operation such as printing while the computer is busy with other work.
The process of first copying a print file to disk and then sending it from disk to an available printer
a winding process that transfers long lengths of warp yarn from spinning bobbins to a spool that is used in the warping process. The person who does this job is a spooler.
Strategic intent Swap Transaction
As one image or data set is being reviewed, additional images can be received and stored for sequential review without “locking up” the computer.
a technique in which DNA is extracted from a solution so that its physical properties can be observed