Definitions for "swap "
To exchange (usually two things of the same kind); to swop.
An exchange; a barter.
Contract whereby two parties agree to exchange, at known dates in the future, a fixed for a floating set of rates without ever exchanging the principal.
The process of removing a process from physical memory and replacing it with another process. This is done automatically by the system when the memory requirements of the processes you are running exceeds the physical memory of your workstation. The disk space used to store swapped processes is called the swap area.
move (a piece of a program) into memory, in computer science
Virtual memory is a computer design feature that permits software to use more memory than the computer physically possesses. In technical terms, it allows software to run in a memory address space whose size and addressing are not necessarily tied to the computer's physical memory. While conceivably virtual memory can be implemented solely by operating system software, in practice its implementation almost universally uses a combination of hardware and operating system software. [from] Keyword(s): virtual memory
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a sudden gust of wind. Old Norse svipr, a swoop ; Norse svipa, a wind gust on sea.
The sale of a block of bonds for the purchase of another block of similar market value for the purpose of establishing a tax loss, upgrading credit quality, extending or shortening maturity, etc. Taxable Municipal Bond A municipal bond whose interest is not excluded from the gross income of its owners for federal income tax purposes. A municipal bond is taxable because the use of the proceeds is not deemed beneficial to the public at large, and usually represents private activity financing.
a financial product in and of itself and may be entered into independently of a bond transaction
an ideal alternative to those who buy Bonds with many advantages
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Shared Wireless Access Protocol. is a specification for wireless voice and data networking in the home. SWAP integrates with the PSTN and Internet using existing cordless telephony and WLAN. SWAP operates in the 2.4G ISM band at 50 hops per second at a data-rate of between 1 and 2 Mbps. A SWAP based network will allow cordless handheld devices to voice activate home electronic systems and access the Internet
Shared Wireless Access Protocols. The SWAP specification defines a new common interface that supports wireless voice and data networking in the home. Representation from a wide range of member companies, which span diverse industries, ensures that the final specification is complete and robust, and that devices envisioned as part of the home network are interoperable.
Shared Wireless Access Protocol. Protocol used in HomeRF.
Severe Weather Avoidance Plan. An approved plan to minimize the affect of severe weather on traffic flows in impacted terminal and/or ARTCC areas. SWAP is normally implemented to provide the least disruption to the ATC system when flight through portions of airspace is difficult or impossible due to severe weather.
Swap allows one to easily change CD-ROM media with one command or click. Issuing the command swap unmounts the device, ejects the CD, waits for the drive to close, and mounts the new CD. Also included is a C library which gives the programmer access to swap's functionality.
Scottish Wider Access Programme
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a combination of FRAs
a group of people that organize on the internet to trade items through the postal mail
a trade, you offer something for an invitation to Gmail
Scrapbookers trading different supplies or finished projects with one another in an organized way.
Southwestern Appalachian Plateau Conservation Area
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To fall or descend; to rush hastily or violently.
Short Wavelength Automated Perimetry
a medium to long-term sector program, prepared and owned by the recipient country and reflecting the recipient country's development targets
Sector-wide approach
Sector-Wide Assistance Program
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To beat the air, or ply the wings, with a sweeping motion or noise; to flap.
Simple Web Allocation Process. an internet-based Oracle tool used to reallocate or split charging on Purchasing Card transactions. Access requires business manager's approval and is granted at completion of training through the Learning Center. (see Training Materials)
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an obvious grab for a mutual SEO benefit, in most cases
SWAP is an acronym for the IETF's ‘Simple Workflow Access Protocol.' It provides a way to start a process instance or a workflow process. (see IETF)
Popular among internet artists, a swap generally consists of a group of people making a certain number of items on a theme. They all send the items to the moderator who sorts them out and sends one of each item back to each participant. Texture Plates Plates with different textures on them which can be pressed into the clay. Some can even be run through the pasta machine. They are available online from several distributors.
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a tent sale that we have at our location
a conditional drop and add
an action that will simultaneously add and drop one course from your class schedule
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an online place where people meet to get rid of their things of value
A requirement of the 1996 amendments to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act that an assessment and protection plan be developed for each surface water source used for drinking water.
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A blow; a stroke.
A metric developed by Sun that measures performance, space and power to determine the cost of ownership of a particular system.
A transaction which moves the maturity date of an open position to a future date.
structured finance Seasoned datings
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a family opportunity
Interchange contents of variables
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To strike; -- with off.
satellite waste accumulation point
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an informal way to meet a lot of our members
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Source Water Assessment Plan.
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Source Water Assessment Program