Definitions for "Workflow"
Keywords:  task, streamline, automate, sap, editor
EIS online distribution process; an electronic equivalent of moving a paper document through the necessary review and approval steps.
A routing tool in SAP that forwards documents for review or approval. For example, a requisition that needs to be approved is sent to the appropriate approver's inbox. Workflow is also used to route journal vouchers in SAP.
A webMethods tool that is used to define, process and manage a process that requires human interaction.
Keywords:  workload
Term for the movement of information (or material) from one person, activity or location to another.
a composition of activities that achieves an end goal
a guided series of steps where potentially more than one user is involved
Keywords:  timeout, success, failure, jobs, depend
a set of jobs which depend on each others SUCCESS, FAILURE, TIMEOUT, etc
a diagram that shows how a particular transaction occurs
Keywords:  actions, roles, tool, flow, relations
a set of roles, actions, and states, and their relations
a tool used to describe a flow of data and actions
Keywords:  progress, rate
progress (or rate of progress) in work being done
Keywords:  events, collection
a collection of events
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a product of