Definitions for "Change Management"
Change Management is a framework for scheduling, approving and processing software and hardware changes throughout your enterprise.
process for ensuring client satisfaction in handling their request for processing scope changes. Includes assessing the impact on costs and schedules, providing alternative solutions, obtaining sign-offs and updating the project plan.
The Service Management process responsible for controlling and managing requests to effect changes ( RFCs) to the IT infrastructure or any aspect of IT services to promote business benefit while minimising the risk of disruption to services. Change Management also controls and manages the implementation of those changes that are subsequently given approval.
The practice of steering a company in a new strategic direction and keeping all involved people and projects aligned with the new goals as the organization, jobs, technology and processes are uprooted.
activities involved in (1) defining and instilling new values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors within an organization that support new ways of doing work and overcome resistance to change; (2) building consensus among customers and stakeholders on specific changes designed to better meet their needs; and (3) planning, testing, and implementing all aspects of the transition from one organizational structure or business process to another.
the leadership and direction of the process of organizational transformation especially with regard to human aspects and overcoming resistance to change.
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Handling of transformation from one environment to another. This could be changing systems internally from one system to another or moving to a new release from the existing system.
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see: Change Control