Definitions for "change "
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a "great song"
Change was an American-European group formed in Italy by producers Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi. Lead vocal duties on their earliest recordings, as well as on their debut album, were done by Luther Vandross (April 20 1951 - July 1 2005).
Change is an album by The Dismemberment Plan. It was released on October 23, 2001 on De Soto Records. It was recorded by J.
To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance.
To alter by substituting something else for, or by giving up for something else; as, to change the clothes; to change one's occupation; to change one's intention.
To be altered; to undergo variation; as, men sometimes change for the better.
a breath of fresh air and enthusiastically recommended reading for ecological activists, students of environmental studies, and governmental policy makers The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home by Dan Ramsey Solar power makes sense
a quality resource that we are recommending to our valued readers
a welcome and timely addition to Environmental Studies collections, as well as recommended for concerned environmental activists as being especially uplifting and inspirational reading
Specifically: To give, or receive, smaller denominations of money (technically called change) for; as, to change a gold coin or a bank bill.
Small money; the money by means of which the larger coins and bank bills are made available in small dealings; hence, the balance returned when payment is tendered by a coin or note exceeding the sum due.
the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due; "I paid with a twenty and pocketed the change"
To pass from one phase to another; as, the moon changes to-morrow night.
A passing from one phase to another; as, a change of the moon.
Movement from 1 Form, State or Phase to Another; Transform
For stocks, the change is the difference between the last traded price and the Prior Day's Close. For mutual funds, the change is the difference between the current NAV and the previous day's NAV. Note: Current NAV is updated after the market close each trading day at approximately 5 PM ET.
The difference between the current price and the previous day's close or settlement price.
The amount a stock price has changed since the prior trading day's close.
The addition, modification or deletion of data on an existing employee record.
The addition, modification or removal of approved, supported or baselined business process, hardware, network, software, application, environment, system, desktop build or associated documentation.
A modification to an approved or released part, component, configuration, document or other product definition information. Changes cause version or revision levels of affected items to be updated.
a Blowin' All I can think about right now is that kids story with Henny Penny screaming "The Sky is Falling,The Sky is Falling"
a cognitive-behavioral program, governed by a simple, straightforward principle-thinking (internal behavior) controls actions (external behavior)
an excellent lesson on how we can receive more and give more in life by managing the way we think
Change is a non-interactive text editor, similar to sed, but much easier to use. It works by substituting a specified target pattern in the source text with another specified text pattern. It can operate on multiple files specified on the command line, or it can operate upon stdin/stdout in filter mode.
To give and take reciprocally; to exchange; -- followed by with; as, to change place, or hats, or money, with another.
A succesion or substitution of one thing in the place of another; a difference; novelty; variety; as, a change of seasons.
See Differ
a relational difference between states; especially between states before and after some event; "he attributed the change to their marriage"
a thing that is different; "he inspected several changes before selecting one"
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a good as a rest
a must for the state Karnataka and Any govt without Gowda will do good for the state
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Any order in which a number of bells are struck, other than that of the diatonic scale.
More commonly known as the order in which the bells sound in one row, e.g. 142536. It can also be know as the actual change between two rows, e.g. 142536 to 124356.
a means for getting from one row to another
become deeper in tone; "His voice began to change when he was 12 years old"; "Her voice deepened when she whispered the password"
A reorientation of the relative positions of the fencer's and opponent's blades made by moving one's blade from the engagement, in a circular motion, to the new engagement.
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A dealer cheer, used when there has just been a Tie
Only Called by Dealers when cash is thrown or placed on the table by a Player to indicate that player requires gaming cheques in exchange for cash AS OPPOSED to MONEY PLAYS.
an inevitable reality for many companies
a reality in our business
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an LQTS-causing mutation
The transition from one positive state of being to another.
a transition from one state of being to another
The point of transition between chords or keys.
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A public house; an alehouse.
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a lost gem, and makes you wonder why Blue never won wider acceptance
A variance in the rate, scale, and pattern, including trends and cycles.
an aspect of Love, going from the present vibration to a higher vibration in a upward spiraling pattern.
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a unique primer
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remove or replace the coverings of; "Father had to learn how to change the baby"; "After each guest we changed the bed linens"
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a new value for a key, or a directive to unset a key's current value
A place where merchants and others meet to transact business; a building appropriated for mercantile transactions.
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see unified science processes
a US company facilitating travel to Mexico for clients seeking medical procedures or treatments
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The trace left on the ice from making a change of edge.
weight to left
Collective bargaining Computer terminal
a request scheduled in the future, and a Problem is something wrong within the system
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An action, see Actions.
The action of changing content or data held by another system
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come condition continue count
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a relation between an ordered pair of
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See engineering change.