Definitions for "Commit"
To give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to intrust; to consign; -- used with to, unto.
To send a person to prison, asylum, or reformatory by a court order.
The act of sending a person to jail, pursuant to a court order.
A DB2 operation that terminates a unit of work and makes any changes that have been made permanent.
When you commit software updates, you are making a commitment to that version of the software product. When you commit a product update, the saved files from all previous versions of the software product are removed from the system, thereby making it impossible to return to a previous version of the software product. Software updates can be committed at the time of installation by using either the Web-based System Manager or SMIT interface (or by using the -ac flags with the installp command). Note that committing already applied software does not change the currently active version of the software product. It merely removes saved files for the previous version of the software product. Once you commit a new version of a product update, you must force reinstall the base level of the software product and reapply the latest level of updates desired. Compare to apply onpage *** and contrast with reject onpage *** and remove onpage ***.
To make the changes in a transaction permanent.
To do; to perpetrate, as a crime, sin, or fault.
To sin; esp., to be incontinent.
perform an act, usually with a negative connotation; "perpetrate a crime"; "pull a bank robbery"
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To confound.
Fighter intent to engage/intercept; weapons director (WD) continues to provide information.
This is a term and command actors and directors use to give a role, scene, or line your serious focus and to carry out any ideas you have until they materialize. Example: if a man is cast as a woman, he is committing to the role if he acts as feminine as he can. Another example is if your character is sad, you have to be the saddest person you can be in that scene, however you choose to pursue that.
To pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger by some decisive act or preliminary step; -- often used reflexively; as, to commit one's self to a certain course.
To pledge or obligate one's own self.
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To put in charge of a jailor; to imprison.
give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"
confer a trust upon; "The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret"; "I commit my soul to God"
To refer a bill or matter to a committee. Related definitions: Motion to Recommit
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To join for a contest; to match; -- followed by with.
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make an investment; "Put money into bonds"