Definitions for "Batch"
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The quantity of bread baked at one time.
A quantity of anything produced at one operation; a group or collection of persons or things of the same kind; as, a batch of letters; the next batch of business.
For fibers and resins, a quantity of material formed during the same process and having identical characteristics throughout. For prepregs, laminae, and laminates, material made from one batch of fiber and one batch of resin.
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a group of records or data, sometimes but not always necessarily related. Databases on mainframe computers perform data operations in batches. "Batch processes" refer to those affecting more than one record at a time.
The collective amount of transactions in the merchant's terminal or point of sale (POS) device that have yet to be settled.
The method of bundling work for processing in the Client Account Management System (CAMS) software design.
An aggregate of accounts receivable purchased within a designated period of time (weekly, bimonthly, and monthly).
Group of orders placed at a MIVA Merchant store. Orders accumulate until the administrator collects them in a batch, generally on a daily or weekly basis.
a collection of things or persons to be handled together
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all the loaves of bread baked at the same time
Several breads, cakes or biscuits cooked together.
Bio-Intermediate Bioanalysis (Bioanalytical)
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a definite amount of oil, mud, acid, or other liquid in a tank or pipe.
A definite amount of oil, mud, chemicals, cement, or other material in a treatment or operation.
All vaccine or other reagent, such as antigen or antisera, derived from the same homogeneous bulk and identified by a unique code number..
A BusinessObjects Option which allows you to execute queries at a specified time, overnight for example, in order to maximize the efficiency of data access resources.
Users specify a query to run in batch if they do not want to stop work to wait for the results. The computer decides when to run the query. Users can go back and look at the results of the query later.
A batch or lot corresponds to the total number of tips produced by a machine during one Premec calendar day
See Lot
A set of programs which are interdependent, must be run in the correct order and which can only generate the correct result if every program works properly. Rather like trying to throw an uninterrupted string of sixes.
A set of movie or graphic files that are compressed simultaneously. The main advantage of using batch is that it speeds up data entry, which in turn saves time for the user.
Actions carried out consecutively on a set of files.
Batch files are simple coded files that have sets of events to occur in order. The most common batch file is the autoexec.bat, which helps to start up Microsoft Windows.
a set of arrays which contain a specific set of genes, representitive of part of the genome
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a segment of an input file terminated by the word "go" on a line by itself
Within the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: a time slice of data - usually a complete dataset of a specific crystal at a specific wavelength
an auction subgroup of the Advertised List that serves as a means of organizing tax certificates for the purpose of facilitating bid submission
A measured amount in which crude oil and refined product shipments are sent through a pipeline.
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pilot plant
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Brand equity Business ethics
A set of numbers and letters printed on the packaging of film and paper to indicate a production batch. The number is given because of slight variations of colour, contrast and speed which may occur between batches of the same type.
a segment of the cleaning cycle when no new solvent is entering the wheel and no solvent is leaving the wheel
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Refers to a knife model that is made in small numbers.
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Batch was a 1991 effort by Big Drill Car. It is the last to feature their original line-up.
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a large file containing multiple Usenet news articles
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an amount of waste which is generated less frequently than once a month.
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This is used to mean do the same thing to more than one item. So "batch convert" means convert all the selected items from one format to another.
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a file created from a request and a payment
an object with which Payment and Credit objects are associated