Definitions for "Bom"
Bill of Materials. A list of all purchased and manufactured parts used to produce the final product. The Bill of Materials includes a detailed definition of the finished product -specifications of all parts and components - to be manufactured as well as methods and procedures. (see Drawing Package)
Build of Material
Bill of Materials,. A document that sets out quantity required, manufacturer's part numbers, device descriptions, value, type or size, and reference designators.
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Byte Order Mark BOM is used with UTF-16 characters to avoid confusion with UTF-8 characters.
Byte Order Mark, optional text format marker used on the start of Unicode texts, indicates Unicode text encoding format.
Byte Order Mark, U+FEFF, Also used as Unicode Character Encoding Signature
Abbreviation for: Book of Me, a book by Angie Pedersen about creating a scrapbook all about your life.
BOM is an abbreviated term for ‘Book of Me', which is a scrapbook of any size focusing on details and events, interests and achievements all about the author.
Bureau of Metrology
Bureau of Meteorology
Begining Of Media. Electronic or magnetic sign, a part of the low-level format on tape. BOM signals the beginning of media.
Beginning of Medium: The first location on the medium which can be accessed.
Beginning of Message A short electrical pulse provided by a digital announcer when used in certain 4 wire E & M modes. The pulse alerts the PABX that the Beginning of a Message is coming.
Branch Office Manager. Individual who is in charge of a branch office of a brokerage firm or a bank. BOMs who supervise the activities of at least three brokers must pass supervisory tests given by the exchanges and the NASD. See: Broker
A file in an installer package used by the Installer to determine which files to install, remove, or upgrade. It contains all the files within a directory, along with information about each file such as the file's permissions, its owner and group, size, its time of last modification, a checksum for each file, and information about hard links.
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Bet on Markets -
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shorthand for Block of the Month
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A large American serpent, so called from the sound it makes.
business object model. the architecture work product produced during business engineering that documents the object model of the customer organization's newly architected business.
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bone marrow