Definitions for "upgrade "
upgrade updates the HP49's ROM. It has command-line and GTK interfaces.
An improved version of a software or hardware product.
Software that fixes a defect in a previously released software product.
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Sitting in a different cabin than what was purchased. This can happen through many ways such as operational upgrades and by redeeming miles or certificates. Some of these methods have restrictions. Note that when you use upgrade certs, you earn miles based on your original paid fare only, so you don't get the higher class-of-service bonus.
Transferring to a higher class of service or accommodation, such as from coach to first. Upgrades may be one-class upgrades (see ONE-CLASS) or jump several classes of service.
a reservation that is upgraded; "I got an upgrade to first class when coach class was full"
A positive change in ratings for a security. Two common examples are an analyst's upgrading a stock (such as from "sell" to "buy") and a credit bureau's upgrading of a bond. opposite of down payment. see also grade.
It is the act of a positive change in a company's or country's credit rating. It may also indicate a positive shift in the investment prospects of a company as rated by analysts.
A raising of a credit rating (c.f. downgrade).
The formal process of attaining a higher referee grade so as to become certified to officiate older age groups. A referee who is currently a grade 7 may choose to upgrade to grade 6 if they wish to be assigned adult games. See a list of referees who have recently been upgraded. Look for further information about upgrade requirements.
The changing of a rating by a rating agency to a higher (more credit worthy) rating. The sale of one block of bonds and the purchase of another block with a higher rating.
Replacing a track tile on the map with a tile of the next higher colour.
Auto Europe may sometimes have a promotion running where you are eligible for a guaranteed one car class upgrade for the normal price. For example, in the case where you reserve a compact size vehicle, you may be eligible for an intermediate class instead. To learn more about upgrades, check out our specials page. There may be an upgrade in your country of travel running right now
give a promotion to or assign to a higher position; "John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; "Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; "I got promoted after many years of hard work"
an order placed for a Cisco IOS feature set that contains more functionality than the feature set that you are replacing
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The process that allows a user to change their mobile phone once they have completed their initial 12 month contract. An upgrade charge usually applies should the user wish to upgrade their handset before reaching the end of their contract.
allows user to change their mobile phone service.
a change in your plan for the services involving an increase in speed, regardless of traffic allowance or an increase in traffic allowance and no change in speed
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upgrade fever uplink
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a coil-cabled pole which is internally wired and has an XLR jack on the bottom
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object model] [ player] To add a component to a thing. For example, adding a cap to a pen.
Hardware that you add to the system to increase performance or capabilities.
a complex issue this guide is meant as a just that, a guide
v.t. (a declared type to an actual type) 1. (when creating an array) to substitute an actual array element type for an expressed array element type when choosing an appropriately specialized array representation. See the function upgraded-array-element-type. 2. (when creating a complex) to substitute an actual complex part type for an expressed complex part type when choosing an appropriately specialized complex representation. See the function upgraded-complex-part-type.
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a specific increment of money
the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises
a rise in frequency or vibration.
See Equipment Upgrade.
A method of adding to or changing the equipment on a lease Agreement. There are various different methods of upgrading.
Replacement or addition of electrical equipment resulting in increased generation or transmission capability.
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a membership fee
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a purchase of an ad-pack
a significant event in your organization and must be planned for accordingly
This is what it is called if you wish to raise your account level, with your own out of pocket money or earnings.
The assignment of a Exchange or Use Week in a more desirable Season or Unit of greater Occupancy than that deposited by that client.
an enhancement to the product that we spend development time and money to produce
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a doubles roll
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voting right voting stock
A claim that is elevated from one level of service to another as authorized per the client/contract protocol
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Moving from “extra” to principal
Term generally used to designate an increase of capacity.