Definitions for "Vanpool"
Public-sponsored commuter service operating under prearranged schedules for previously formed groups of riders in 8- to 18-seat vehicles. Drivers are also commuters who receive little or no compensation besides the free ride.
A voluntary commuter ridesharing arrangement, using vans with a seating capacity greater than seven persons (including the driver) or buses, which provides transportation to a group of people traveling directly from their homes (or a pre-arranged meeting place, such as a park-and-ride lot) to their regular places of work within the same geographical area, and in which the commuter/driver does not receive compensation beyond reimbursement for his or her costs of providing the service. Also an arrangement in which a group of passengers share the use and cost of a van in traveling to and from pre-arranged destinations together. Generally, carpooling agreements are not arranged by contract, whereas vanpool and buspool agreements are contractually binding.
a group of commuters who live and work near each other and who share the same approximate work hours
Vanpool is a Japanese developer of videogame, music software, computer software and toys.
an employer-sponsored vehicle that drives employees to work and back home again