Definitions for "LRT"
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Light Rail Transit (similar to RT's Light Rail)
Light Rail Transit. LRT is a system of modern rail cars or a single rail car operating on a rail track in exclusive rights-of-way, or in the street with mixed traffic. Light rail cars commonly powered by an overhead catenary and electric line, or by an on-board diesel or electric motor. Main features include rail vehicles, rail tracks, overhead electric lines, modern rail stations, signal priority at intersections, and integration with transit-oriented development strategies.
A mode of rapid transit where a transit vehicle rides along a railbed.
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Lea Rivers Trust
LASER RADIO TERMINAL. 35-46 keys, hand held scanner. When a barcode is scanned, it is instantly sent to a specific location (real time tracking).
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(see likelihood ratio test)
Long Range Transport.
London Regional Transport
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Long Range Fuel Tanks