Definitions for "Scanner"
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direct optical character recognition - printed characters can be read directly by the computer without the need for special ink
A computer peripheral used to translate print format into one the computer can store and print out.
A device that imports text, pictures and graphs into a computer.
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An electronic register system that automatically records the product description and retail price for an item by reading a UPC code with a laser.
Computerized cash register recording transactions by reading UPC code. Usage includes tracking end user purchases, controlling inventory and follow end user purchasing patterns and trends.
An instrument which automatically samples or interrogates the state of various processes, conditions, or physical states and initiates action in accordance with the information obtained. SENSE To examine, particularly relative to a criterion; to determine the present arrangement of some element of hardware, especially a manually-set switch; to read holes punched in paper.
A photoelectric control that contains the light source and the detector in the same housing.
It is a photoelectric device which is used for scanning a picture inorder to determine automatically the density of the hue or value in every area for the transmission by wire or by radio or for preparation of color process printing plates.
a less elaborate kind of intrusion detector
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A receiver that continuously broadcasts signals it detects from specified radio frequencies.
a radio receiver that that moves automatically across some selected range of frequencies looking for for some signal or condition; "they used scanners to monitor police radio channels"
a radio receiver capable of receiving signals outside of the regular AM and FM radio band, allow these signals to be programmed to a bank of memory locations, and to rapidly 'scan' them, stopping on channels with open carriers
A virus detection program that searches, prevents and removes any malicious code on your system. See also Antivirus.
A scanner is program created to search and detect viruses. Some scanners operate automatically in the background to scan disk and files while other scanners operate at a preset time through scheduling software or on demand.
A virus detection program that searches for viruses. Slow Infector The term "slow infector" is sometimes used to refer to a virus that only infect files as they are modified or as they are created. The purpose is to fool people who use integrity checkers into thinking that modifications reported by their integrity checker are due solely to legitimate reasons.
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serial port snapshot webcam Stabilant super VGA
Scanner (Sarah Ryall), otherwise known as Screener, is a mutant super-villain in the Marvel Comics universe
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The instrument carried aboard the satellite which views the earth. Examples are AVHRR, CZCS, SeaWiFS and MODIS. Typically the scanner is simultaneously sensitive to a number of parts (bands) of the visible and infra-red spectrum. It will rotate, scanning the earth directly underneath the satellite (the sub-satellite point) from left to right. The data will then be transmitted to earth as one scan-line, typically 1000 to 2000 points across, each point having values for the parts of the spectrum seen. By the time the scanner comes back to the start the satellite will have progressed so a different part of the earth is seen. See also Sensor.
sensor with a narrow field of view that must scan to enlarge the portion of the atmosphere or earth being measured.
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a person from that old David Cronenburg film about psychics with telekinetic powers that could let them melt each others heads
See Film Scanner and Flatbed Scanner.
Equipment located at the telephone company wire center that monitors each local leg and relays status changes to the alarm center. Processors and associated equipment might also be included.
1.) Mechanism aboard starships, capable of analyzing the surrounding environment, especially technology . Battlestars are equipped with long range scanners. Scanners on board Vipers include Alpha-Tech scanners. 2.) Video display terminal.
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a radar dish that rotates or oscillates in order to scan a broad area
originally a disco type effect in which a single pinspot lamp was driven via a cam by a motor, causing it to rotate back and forth through an angle of roughly 270'. The term is now being applied to moving mirror intelligent lights, also known as scan
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See: telecine
a hardware tool, and usually comes with at least some of the software you need to use it
a tool that has been developed to obtain information about a host or network
a valuable tool
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Sepia Mylar Intermediates Split Run
someone who scans verse to determine the number and prosodic value of the syllables
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A person who scans for empty pubs to be used by a FXP group.
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an option to a linear carriage which measures the log and, working with the linear positioner controller, performs a variety of functions for the sawyer
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shareware SOAP stack sugar
MAS scan mirror and blackbody target assembly
Senior residency requirement
Senior Management Group
a component which studies the files being scanned and collects information about these files
a small, purpose built piece of code which seeks out files from the filesystem, and collects information about them
an object which contains the code for one method of enumerating some or all of the samples in a sheet's focus area
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An enterprise-class software application that allows the user to identify and fix network security holes before the hacker finds them.
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A pan only unit.
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a must-have in your emergency supply kit
a good way to copy and distribute these
electronic colour scanners produce, from colour transparencies or colour copy, colour corrected screened separations for the four printing ink colours
a program that automatically detects security weaknesses in a remote or local host
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a program that tries to connect to every port on the box and tells which of them are opened
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Sealed source
a program that finds compound symbols in a stream of characters
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a row of light
a program that scans the Internet, looking for specific types of information