Definitions for "Computer virus"
A computer program that can reproduce by changing other programs to include a copy of itself. It is a parasite program, needing another program to survive. (Eth, Gr. 8)
A computer program that is designed to replicate itself by copying itself into the other programs stored in a computer. It may be benign or have a negative effect, such as causing a program to operate incorrectly or corrupting a computer's memory.
A malevolent program that becomes embedded in a computer system or application. Viruses are most commonly transmitted through e-mail. Recently strains have appeared that use personal e-mail address books to propagate themselves from machine to machine.
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an infectious agent which affects computers just as a human virus affects people
a serious matter, and hoaxes and chain letters that ask for money are no better
a to a somewhat advanced virus scanner however
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a progr a m which infect other
a piece of software designed and written to make additional copies of itself and spread from location to location, typically without user knowledge or permission
a piece of software that causes its own duplication without permission of its host
a programme designed to alter the way a
a piece of computer language written in the same language all the other codes are written in, but with a harmful intent
a rogue file, usually written by skilled pranksters and transmitted via the telephone lines that connect millions of terminals around the world
a series of electronic commands that can harm a computer or the information in the computer
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a type of intellectual violence
an excellent analogy since it deals with leading edge technology, it requires very few resources to produce, it can be delivered using the existing infrastructure and it can be defended against
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a set of bad instructions
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a shock to a job for life that the mail servers from internal network hosts for holes
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a terminal illness
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a term applied to any www