Definitions for "Backdoor"
A port or channel that crackers use to access your system. As a rule, it might be easy for a skilled cracker to find a backdoor in a system that is insufficiently protected.
A program that opens secret access to systems, and is often used to bypass system security. A Backdoor program does not infect other host files, but nearly all Backdoor programs make low-level operating system modifications (i.e. it makes changes to the registry). Backdoors usually hitch a ride in on trojans. Once they are in place and they have executed, they hide themselves while opening a port on your computer to allow others in. Some backdoors are placed by hackers once they gain access allowing themselves easier entrance later, or if their original entryway is blocked.
Refers to the "private entrance" around the security in a program or network used by programmers or technicians to perform maintenance or gain entry.
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As the name implies, you come into a good hand through the backdoor, not the main door. In other words, you might be holding Ah 3h. On the flop you get one spade and perhaps a card to pair your ace or trey, which gives you a nice draw. And when you make the flush, you've made it through the backdoor
adj. A long shot draw requiring two additional cards (on the turn and river). A backdoor flush. A backdoor straight or flush alone is not worth much. See also runner-runner.
Making a hand that you originally werenâ€(tm)t drawing to or trying to make.
An entry point to a resource on the network that circumvents the established security mechanisms. Sometimes back doors come in commercial software and remain on the network because a novice or inexperienced administrator doesn't know to look for them. Other times, an administrator will purposefully set them up, as a precaution against getting accidentally locked out of the system, without understanding the security implications. The presence of a "backdoor" is a Vulnerability that can and needs to be prevented at all times.
a hidden opening in your network connection that lets the worm send data out and take data in
An intentional breach in the security of a computer system left in place by designers or maintainers. A hidden software or hardware mechanism used to circumvent security controls. A breach created intentionally for the purpose of collecting, altering, or destroying data.
Acting from behind and in concealment; backstairs; as, backdoor intrigues.
To backdoor a wave is to take off behind the peak of a hollow wave and surf through the barrel to the other side of the peak. The usual/easier take off is to take on the peak or further down the shoulder. The name comes from the short, intense right-hander that breaks off Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline
An offensive move where a player cuts behind the defenders and receives a pass for a field-goal attempt.
Way of tricking people by distributing a supposely secured system with an extra login unknown to the user. The attacker can then enter the system at will.
A design fault, planned or accidental, that allows the apparent strength of the design to be easily avoided by those who know the trick.
A way of getting into a guarded system without using the required password.
A way of getting into a password-protected system without using the password. It is usually a carefully guarded secret to prevent abuse and misuse.
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a very useful thing to have, as it allows your Sims another way in or out (if the main entrance is blocked), and can provide for a nice patio outside as well
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Cover bet in waning minutes or seconds of game.
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A putt which rolls around the cup and into it from the back side.
a number other than the organization's main number that is answered by the voicemail at all hours
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The U.S. Treasury.
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a potential risk of the security
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