Definitions for "Sandbox"
Applications that are downloaded from the Internet or an intranet and executed on the client have the potential to damage the client system (such as erasing a hard disk). In order to prevent accidental or malicious behaviour, some languages and environments (such as Java) deny a distributed object access to operating system calls or to other system resources. Objects that are restricted in such a manner are said to be "in the sandbox."
A protective mechanism used in some programming environments that limits the actions that programs can take. A program normally has all the same privileges as the user who runs it. However, a sandbox restricts a program to a set of privileges and commands that make it difficult or impossible for the program to cause any damage to the user's data.
a confined area containing a safe set of tools the program can play with
Filter used by Google that did not allow new web sites to rank well in the search results, even not for the least competitive phrases or keywords and irrespective of a high page rank and good link popularity.
allegedly used by one large search engine as a probation period for new sites. Gaining a high PR is inhibited during this period.
The period of time that a search engine will omit a website from it's search results.
a place for experimentation, exploration and construction
The test page where users are encouraged to try out their wiki linking.
A sandbox is a testing (or virtual) environment that isolates untested code changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository, in the context of software development including web development and revision control, and by extension in web-based editing environments including wikis. (For other uses of the term, including the narrower computer security definition, see sandbox (disambiguation).)
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Sansa Sarrusophone
a checkout of the ccPublisher sourcecode from Subversion
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an alternative to a dirt patch
Sandbox are a Canadian alternative rock music group originally from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. They were most popular in the 1990s. Their biggest hit was the song "Curious" (from their Bionic record).
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a kids playland toy
Describes an open-ended, go-anywhere style of play employed in games like Gran Theft Auto 3.
A sandbox-style video game (or a video game with an optional sandbox mode) is a video game with an open-ended and non-linear style of gameplay, or a mode of gameplay within a game that is more often played in a goal-directed manner. The sandbox analogy is used to describe this style of gaming because, as with a physical sandbox, the user is simply allowed to do what he or she wishes (with the available game elements and within the limitations of the game engine - the metaphoric toys within, and bounds of, the sandbox). This free-form experimentation is either an end unto itself - in contrast to competing models of gaming - or is a variant modality that has no effect on more traditional or usual play of the same game, such as scores, game level advancement milestones, player rankings etc.
mold consisting of a box with sand shaped to mold metal
A box in which sand is stored to be fed by pipes onto the rail ahead of the driving wheels to stop them from slipping.
A Sandbox is a container on most locomotives (called a sand dome on steam locomotives), or self propelled multiple units, or trams, that run on tramways and adhesion railways. The container holds sand, which can be blasted on to the rail to improve rail adhesion under very wet or steep conditions.
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ServletExec SMC SQL struts and springs
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plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in
a place full of sand where children cannot cause any harm even if they intend to
a place to play
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a fake system for hackers to hack around in and they don't get anything real
a designated directory of your site to which you apply security restrictions
a SEED installation that has the same directory structure as a standard SEED, but which shares its FIG/Data directory and the relational database with a full SEED on the same computer
Unsigned applications and signed applications without a permission file have access to all the APIs for which there is no permission signalling defined. This is commonly called the sandbox.
a security feature that determines how an application can interact with the local file system, the network, or both the local file system and network at the same time
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Sandbox is an album by Guided by Voices released in 1987.
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a mode of running a program that prevents it from having full access to the rest of the system
a special web site running a CMS that allows anyone to sign in and test drive
a private area outside of the main development tree where developers can develop their code without affecting other users or the development tree
a system which you can easily try out new developments, on various platforms
an area where copies of project-related files can be stored and manipulated without affecting the master source code base
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Shell Software