Definitions for "Popularity"
The quality or state of being popular; especially, the state of being esteemed by, or of being in favor with, the people at large; good will or favor proceeding from the people; as, the popularity of a law, statesman, or a book.
The quality or state of being adapted or pleasing to common, poor, or vulgar people; hence, cheapness; inferiority; vulgarity.
Something which obtains, or is intended to obtain, the favor of the vulgar; claptrap.
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A term used by Google and other search engines to indicate a Web site's total number of relevant incoming and outgoing links, as well as overall traffic. Sites with high popularity rankings on Google are spidered more frequently and hold top positioning.
A general term referring to how "important" your web site is in terms of how many external links point to it.
Web site popularity is determined by the number of links that point to a site. Some search engines consider that a site that has many inbound links is more popular.
Harness racing outranks flat and jump racing (combined) in races run, prizemoney paid and betting turnover in every mainland country of Europe, except Spain and Greece. Trotting accounts for 51% of racing prizemoney in France, 57% in Germany, 62% in Italy and 90% or over in Scandinavia.
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Popularity is Jonezetta's debut album, released by Tooth & Nail Records on October 3, 2006.
Public sentiment; general passion.
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How busy the ride is in relation to other rides at the park. An estimate of how busy the ride is on the day(s) the reviewer visited. Values are expressed as a percentage with 100% meaning the ride is popular and long lines should be expected on busy days. A value of N/A would mean that the ride was closed or the reviewer did not ride so cannot provide an estimate.
The number of requests for a document since entering the cache and the number of recent requests for the document.