Definitions for "Link Farm"
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A page that is simply a collection of other, often unrelated links. Such pages exist solely to try to boost a site's engine ranking: Google and some other engines calculate a site's popularity in part by the number of other sites that link to and from it, with more-popular sites often ranking higher than less-popular ones. But the engines also take into account the quality of the linked sites, not just the number of sites that are linked. Therefore linking to link farms is ineffective at best; at worst an engine will penalize or ban a site for doing so.
A link farm is a group of separate, highly interlinked websites, which manipulate link popularity or PageRank with the goal of improving rankings. Link farms should be avoided during a link garnering campaign.
a reciprocal linking service where everyone participating agrees to link to each other
a reciprocal link service where everyone that takes part agrees to link to each other, but usually in a way that is not obvious to their visitors
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a virus Just a note to myself - now that I'm in webservices open computation etc
A category which contains only @links and other crosslinks, and is otherwise stipulated to be empty, created for navigational purposes. e.g. Business: Regional or Regional: Countries
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Free For All links. These are places that allow anyone to add a link.