Definitions for "Gateway Pages"
Keywords:  doorway, spider, rank, keyword, kinetiq
A Web page submitted to individual search engine spiders to meet specific relevancy algorithms. The gateway page presents information to the spider while obscuring it from human viewers. The purpose of gateway pages is to present the spider with the format it needs for optimum rankings while presenting a more appropriate version to human viewers. It's also a way for Webmasters to avoid publicly disclosing placement tactics. The use of gateway pages customizes submission to each individual search engine. Also known as doorway pages, bridge pages, entry pages, portals or portal pages.
Commonly associated or misinterpreted as Doorway pages these are strictly pages used to ensure a spider has access to many pages from one gateway. If certain pages are not navigable from the index then the spider is forced to these pages (or indeed these pages are submitted) and thus other pages get spidered. Modern web design usually has a reasonable amount of usability in mind and ensures that the index of a site allows navigation to most key areas. Also search engines re-spider and search links automatically - in most cases these aren't needed.
A web page that is created to be highly ranked in the search engines with the attention of leading web users to the main website.