Definitions for "Spidering"
The act of a spider crawling through your website in order to add it to an index.
Due to the ever-changing volume of available data, even the largest search engines are unable to spider all of the internet's pages. As a result, search engines compromise in a number of ways. They may index only home pages for example, or only spider pages that have been submitted to them. Splash Page A splash page provides an initial display for viewing before a searcher can reach the main page. It is similar to a gateway page but is an added step that some consider annoying. Most search engines consider it spam.
for those of us who have arachnophobia (fear of spiders), this web analogy has been carried a bit too far, with people everywhere talking about 'crawlers' and 'spiders'. Yes, Picosearch can do spidering, which really just means that the indexer in your search engine can follow the links on your website to any public web pages, within the parameters you specify. No information is duplicated, (secret stuff is ignored), so the most complete possible index is made for your visitors to search upon. See also indexing.
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term that describes initial clear coat cracking due to: very sharp or deep dent; oxidized paint; frozen paint
is the actual process carried out by a spider outlined above.
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See Webbing.