Definitions for "Spiders"
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Computer programs used by search engines to roam the World Wide Web via the Internet, visit sites and databases, and keep the search engine database of web pages up to date. No search engine can cover the entire web.
Giant spiders inhabit the Valley of Hohr near Ghasta and Tjanath; an insect which hangs from a network of threads suspended over the valley; the creatures are venonmous and predatory; the legs protrude from the upper body before turning downward to the ground.
Also known as Robots. Automated scripts or programs that follow links on web sites to index large sections of the World Wide Web. One can keep spiders out of private areas with a standard robots.txt file. Table of Contents
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Represents ownership in the SPDR Trust, an investment trust that holds a portfolio of stocks that closely follows the price performance and dividend yield of the S&P 500 Index.
S&P Depositary Receipts, otherwise known as "spiders," represent a single unit of ownership in the SPDR trust. Units of the trust are bought and sold like individual shares of stock and they trade on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SPY. As the SPDR trust is a pool of money managed to perfectly mimic the Standard & Poor's 500 Composite Stock Price Index, the price of a unit in the trust is always the current value of the S&P 500 divided by 10.
SPDRs, or Standard & Poors' Depository Receipts. A group of ETFs that track a variety of Standard & Poors' indexes. SPDR Trust, Series 1, usually referred to as "Spiders," tracks the S&P 500 index. Select Sector SPDRs track various sector indices that carve up the S&P 500 index into separate industry groups. SPDR Trust, Series 1 is structured as a unit investment trust, but Select Sector SPDRs are open-end funds.
Spiders is the debut album by Space, released on September 16, 1996, peaking at #5 in the UK album charts and later going platinum. "Money", "Kill Me", "Neighbourhood", "Female of the Species", "Me and You Versus the World" and "Dark Clouds" (the first two combined together as a double A-side) were released as singles.
"Spiders" is a single by the American musician Moby. It is released 30 May 2005 through Mute Records in the UK. It is the second UK single to be lifted from the album Hotel.
"Spiders" is a song by System of a Down from their first album, also named System of a Down. The song was featured on the Scream 3 soundtrack.
pungawerewere Belong to a group called arachnids. They have 8 legs, 2 body segments, spinnerets that produce silk, and usually 4 pairs of eyes.
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A small animal often found in ringing chambers. A wooden (or metal) block with hooks on is often known as a spider and is used to hoist the ropes out the way after ringing.